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Board Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9am Fire Station 1 training room, 160 Hawley Street in Grayslake
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The Grayslake Fire Protection District is active on both Facebook and Twitter. Our social media division is an important tool used to communicate directly with the communities we serve and keep them informed on what is going on in their community. The social media division was created after some large incidents out east where final reports revealed a social media account was invaluable informing residents of emergency efforts, locations of supplies, rumor control, and a single location for the media outlets to reference when emergencies happen. Since the social media sites were created we've enjoyed one of the most active fire department sites in Lake County. Social media became an invalauble tool for us during the Tornado that struck the district in 2015 damaging homes and businesses as well as causing massive power outages and blocked roadways due to downed trees. It was also helpful during the 2017 Grayslake flood.


We encourage all residents and businesses to like or follow our facebook and twitter pages for not only emergency situations but also safety tips and other things going on around the district. Please help us by sharing our sites with your neighbors and let's all get connected.

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